At the very moment of your conception, your soul reincarnated from it’s previous lifetime, which may have been a very different life to your current one. Your soul doesn’t immediately jump from one human life into another, and can take some time to reincarnate. However, ‘time’ is a human concept and not one a reincarnating soul understands.

As a soul has no gender, it may spend a particular lifetime as either a man or a woman. That lifetime may be as a person of an entirely different colour, creed or race to yours now.

Your soul may have lived lifetimes that were long and fulfilling, and also those that may have been cut tragically short. It may have lived in an entirely different part of the world…or an entirely different part of the universe.

Whatever lifetimes your soul has had before, it chose those lives because it had lessons to learn, or it has lessons to help others to learn. We live lifetime after lifetime because our soul has lessons to learn in each lifetime and it uses those lessons to evolve. If those lessons aren’t learned, then the soul cannot evolve and it reincarnates to learn those lessons again. We’re given another chance.

Your soul is pure. It is your true self.

Your soul is full of infinite knowledge although we can’t always see this knowledge due to karma.

Constant happiness and joy can radiate from your soul. It really can!

Your soul has it’s own individual purpose.

A soul is indestructible. It never dies: it simply reincarnates into a new body at the end of each human lifetime.

Souls are eternal.

What’s the difference between soul and spirit?

Aristotle understood the soul as being the principle of life in a living thing.

According to neurosurgeon Michael Egnor, the soul is the principle of life in a body (ie a dead body no longer has a soul), and the spirit is the immaterial aspects of the soul (particularly the intellect and the will), which are the ability to reason and make decisions based on reason.

So there is a definite difference between soul and spirit, although they are often, mistakenly, used interchangeably.

Your soul is pure, but life’s ups and downs can feel as though your soul has been given a battering sometimes. Life can take it’s toll on us and sometimes we lose track of who we are, or who we’re meant to be. We can feel as though we’ve lost touch with our soul and soul purpose.

If you feel your soul has lost its purpose, its joy, or its sparkle, you can regain it. You can create a life you love.

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