Do you feel as though you’ve ‘done your bit’? You’ve raised your children, and they’ve now left home. Perhaps they’ve gone away to college or university, or perhaps they’ve moved away for a job or for love.

The sound of your children calling you for help from another part of the house is a dim and distant memory. Walking into their rooms and picking up socks from the floor is no longer something you do automatically. When you walk into their old rooms, perhaps you can still ‘hear’ their voices or their laughter, and you can still picture them sitting on their bed reading a book or looking at their phone. Perhaps all of this has left you feeling lonely, having had a bustling house for so many years.

You’ve begun to re-evaluate your life. Wondering what’s next for you. And you honestly don’t have a clue. You’ve been so used to putting everyone else first, that it’s been years since you took some time for yourself.

You’ve been pottering around your home in that way that you’ve always done, but chores are finished so much more quickly and easily now. You’re left tapping your fingers wondering how you can fill your day.

You’ve found yourself at a loose end now that you’re not needed in the same way everyday. You’re pleased that you’ve finally got some much valued time to yourself, but what should you do with it all?

You know that you’ve got so much more to give. You always did have but you pushed your needs into the background.

You think about volunteering and helping others, then you remember that this is time for you now. Time to finally do something just for you. It might feel a bit selfish at first, a bit uncomfortable, but the more you think about it, the more you know that it’s now or never.

This is YOUR time. Time for you to give yourself the love and support that you’ve given others all of these years. But where to start?

Have you considered whether you’ve done all of the things you were supposed to do in your life? Are you concerned that maybe you’ve not achieved your life purpose yet? You’ve got time to yourself now, so why not find out whether or not you’ve lived your life in the way you were meant to? So many people lead lives meant for other people, and not themselves. Has your life been completely fulfilling for you, or do you feel as though something’s missing? Do you wonder if you were meant for something else, something bigger? You don’t want to arrive at the end of your life without knowing what you were truly destined to do with your time here.

The “Soul Sparkle” Life Transformation Programme helps you to find the answers you want and need. It’s a one-to-one programme that helps you to find your life purpose and your soul purpose. It’s designed entirely for you and helps you to move in the direction you need to move in so that you can finally achieve what you want to achieve in your life. It gives you the honest answers you’ve been looking for as we’ll be in touch with your spirits that guide you. Your spirits give you kind, loving advice. They either tell you softly or gently, or they give you a great big push. They know the life you were meant to be living.

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