Are we talking about a voluptuous sex siren simmering on the silver screen from Hollywood of old, or do we mean a ‘domestic goddess’ that can whip up a mean Victoria sponge cake at the same time as keeping a couple of toddlers entertained perhaps?

Not at all! A modern day, powerful, almighty goddess is so much more than either of those things, or even both of them put together. And maybe she doesn’t simmer or bake at all…

When we talk about a modern day goddess, we’re talking about someone who:

  • radiates kindness and compassion from her heart and soul. (However, energy-drainers and drama creators are gently given minimum attention.)
  • is supportive and encourages growth in others, especially other women
  • is gentle, understanding and loving
  • respects herself and others
  • is an excellent listener, and will always spend time listening when you’re troubled, even if she doesn’t always have all the answers to your problems
  • establishes and sticks to her own emotional boundaries. She knows when to say “no”
  • is calm and peaceful within, and practices this daily in the way that resonates best with her
  • knows her own mind, and knows what makes her tick
  • isn’t afraid to sometimes ask for help because she knows that asking isn’t a weakness
  • decides every single day to be happy
  • does her utmost to achieve her goals, however large or small they may be
  • is the creator of her own life
  • is in tune with nature
  • listens to and is guided by her intuition, which grows stronger the more that she uses it
  • believes there is more to her than simply a physical body, and is open to the spiritual side of being a female human
  • has a free, inquisitive spirit that refuses to be boxed or caged
  • has an incredibly vibrant, bright inner light or essence that radiates and glows all around her

It feels fantastic to be around an almighty goddess!

Being a goddess has nothing to do with looks, wealth, education or upbringing. It’s a state of mind, a state of being. It’s all about what happens on the inside of you. It’s not about what you can buy, or the employment you have, or the chores that you engage in each day. It’s something that’s at the very core of you. It’s your soul. And your soul is absolutely perfect. You were born with a beautiful, perfect soul.

Life’s constant ups and downs can often dampen our enthusiasm for life. Sometimes it can be a battle to even get out of bed, let alone try to ‘shine’!

If you feel your soul has lost it’s joie de vivre, or it’s sparkle, you can regain it. You can create a life you will love.

The Almighty Goddess “Soul Sparkle” programme helps you to reconnect with your lost inner goddess so that you can shine once more, and be the powerful, happy woman you were born to be. Allow yourself to truly flourish and shine!

Download a free ebook and meditation at to help you find your soul purpose and your life purpose. Find out what it is you’re here to achieve. Life’s much too short to get it wrong!