About Me

Almighty Goddess

Lynda Scrivener

Soulful Intuitive and Psychic Akashic Records Practitioner

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

I first realised I had psychic gifts in 1992, when I knew I had to urgently go and find my boyfriend (now husband) after work one sunny afternoon when we lived abroad. I quickly discovered he’d had a nasty accident alone at work and had taken himself to hospital. This was in the days before mobile phones, and I would have had no other way of knowing what had happened to him. We weren’t married, so the hospital didn’t call me. Thankfully I followed my sense of ‘knowing’. I sensed something was wrong with him and I quickly found out what had happened.

Another time I was incredibly grateful to have my gifts was in 2016 when my spirit guides were adamant that I must make sure my eldest son wrote down my mobile phone number on a piece of paper to put in his wallet because he might need to call me from someone else’s phone. Thankfully, he did this. We were travelling on the London Underground at Christmas and became separated from each other at the very busy Euston mainline station, and his phone decided to stop working. I couldn’t contact him and he couldn’t contact me. We had no idea where each other was, and there were too many people bustling through the station to be able to see each other. A very kind young woman standing in the crammed station allowed my son to use her phone (who would do that?!) He was able to call me on my number he’d put in his wallet and we were able to safely meet up again.

My gift of ‘knowing’ usually alerts me when there is a speed camera up ahead on the road (very useful!), and I can very often find other people’s lost belongings too.

For many years I ignored these gifts until they would no longer be ignored. If you’re meant to be using your psychic gifts, your spirit guides will let you know in no uncertain terms. They regularly tell you loud and clear!

As well as being claircognisant (having clear knowing), I’m also clairvoyant (having clear seeing) and clairaudient (having clear hearing). So as well as having the gift of ‘knowing’, I can see and hear things psychically too.

In 2009 I trained at the University of London as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Harley Street practitioner. I’m also qualified as an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, a Smoking Cessation Specialist and a Nutritional Therapist.

Since 2017 I have studied the Akashic Records in great depth. I am able to help people overcome ongoing issues in their life that may have been caused by a past life contract, agreement or karma. I can see past lives as well as potential future ones. I can help with business, money and relationships, as well as seeing someone’s soul purpose and their life purpose.

I’m highly sensitive and empathic, and get great satisfaction from helping others.

I’ve been happily married for 147 years (!) and have two grown sons who are out making their way in the world. I live in the beautiful English countryside with my husband and our very lively, but getting older, cocker spaniel.

Oh, and I’m just like you. I’m not some airy-fairy person that floats around in purple star-covered gowns… I’m just like you. I have the same problems and challenges that you do, and I understand what you’re going through.

Why not contact me today to see how I can help you?

Lynda x